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Treatments Starting from 
AED 199

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Fill in your details to claim up to 30% discount on  Slimming Packages

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Slimming treatments at Elite Body Home

Our Most Popular and Highly Effective Technologies and Combined with Experience Gives You

With slimming treatments people can

​Reduce excessive cellulite

Boost metabolism and fat burning

Enhance body contour and shape

Improve skin tone and elasticity.

Increase blood circulation

Promote lymphatic drainage and detoxification

Reduce the appearance of stretch marks

Slimming treatments can help people if

Unable to lose stubborn fat in selected areas such as arms, thighs or stomach

Looking for an Enhanced body Appearance

Getting no results from dieting & typical workouts

Looking for a tailored treatment plan

Looking for a Non-Invasive Solutions


of Dedicated Professionals

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Why Elite?

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State of the Art


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Medical Doctors

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Over 25 years

Of Experienced

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Clients Love Us

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117 Block B, Al Hudaiba Awards Buildings,

Jumeirah 1, Dubai, U.A.E

Monday - Sunday, 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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